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terms and conditions

Shipping Policy

The following conditions apply:

Shipping Terms

Delivery takes place within Germany and in  Agreement to other European countries.


delivery times

Unless a different period is specified in the respective offer, the goods are delivered domestically (Germany) within 1-2 days, for deliveries abroad within 2-4 days after the conclusion of the contract (if advance payment has been agreed, after the date of your payment instruction).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made any other agreements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you have ordered.

Accepted payment options

- Payment in advance by bank transfer

- Payment by invoice within the deadline

If you have any questions, you will find our contact details in the imprint.

more information

We sometimes work with affiliate links. If a purchase is made, we may be involved with a commission.

Return & Exchange

refund policy

You can return the goods received without giving a reason within [14 days]

(1) return by returning the goods. The period begins upon receipt of this information in text form
(e.g. as a letter, fax, e-mail), but not before the goods have been received.

(2) You can only declare the return of goods that cannot be sent as a parcel (e.g. bulky goods) by requesting their return in text form. The timely dispatch of the goods or the return request is sufficient to meet the deadline. The return is at your expense and risk. For the return or the return request, please CONTACT us.

return consequences

In the event of an effective return, the services received by both parties must be returned and any benefits (e.g. benefits of use) surrendered.

Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days.
The period begins for you with the dispatch of the goods or the return request, for us with the receipt.

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